It's truth that I really feel lonely.
Although I was have a boyfriend for more than 4 yrs before last year.
But more than half time we were long distant relationship.

That's the reason why I'm so independent.
When you have to do everything without a guy beside you, you must be strong.
Not physical strong but mind.
Face every problems in front of you. Swallow all the pain because you're alone.
I have many friends around my life. Because of them, I could pass all those days.
But for a girl who live in a city by herself, or not with her own me.
I need wholehearted care. Need more talking, treating, and hugs.

Now there's a friend who I like very much. But I know that's not love.
Not so sure yet but I think he treat me special.
I think he knows what I feel but he still treat me well.
Hopefully our friendship could go on and on.
Dear friend, I donno whether you'll read this passage or not.
Just want to let you know that I like you so much! and... Thank you so much!

Although I feel lonely, but still waiting for someone appear.
Wherever my prince would be, whenever he could pick up, I'm still here.
Try my best to do what I should do now.
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